About Us

IDCBS aims at organizing activities that promote and strengthen the co-operation between Indian and Dutch businesses in the fields of business and commerce. For that purpose IDCBS organizes seminars, business gatherings, bilateral meetings, and roundtables. IDCBS collaborates with its counterparts in The Netherlands, Embassy of The Netherlands in India and various industry and commercial bodies in both countries to elicit information of commercial value to its members. As and when warranted, IDCBS is willing to convey the collective views to decision makers in industry and government in both countries.

IDCBS wants to foster business and commerce through exchanging experiences and ideas amongst the members. It is a member driven organization, which, through its activities tries to add real value and continually improve the image of India and The Netherlands as high potential destinations for cross border investment and trade. IDCBS’s membership comprises of services and activities for members only.

IDCBS's proven track record of over 25 years in strengthening ties between the Indian and Dutch communities is demonstrated by its keenness to continuously seek ways to increase visibility to the larger Dutch companies looking to enter India, and equally, help Indian companies to set up base in The Netherlands. Quality of members is paramount which is why the number is currently around 80 only.

IDCBS is committed to work towards adding value to its members and to the initiatives to bring the two countries closer in business and commerce.


Board Of Directors

Rajesh Srivastava
(Chairman - IDCBS)


Amit Mittal




L S Bahl


Ashwin Sinha


Naresh Pande